10 Tips on how to take care of clothes

10 tips on how to take care of clothes


Wearing expensive clothes makes you feel special. It speaks volumes about your style, taste,
and sophistication and comes with great responsibility.
Take care of your valuable garments to get the most out of them.
Here are ten tips to help maintain your expensive clothes last longer and look like new ones.

Read the care label instructions
 Always read the label on your clothes before washing to avoid ruining them,
different clothing require different washing instruction , materials such as
wool and silk require special care, for example some clothing is only to be
hand washed while others should not be washed in cold water or with fabric softener,
others require special detergent. it is important to follow specific information on
the label to protect the item from damage.

Hand wash your clothes
 For delicate clothes hand washing them will keep them looking brand new,
to maintaining  the quality and color of your expensive clothes, use cold water whenever
possible to avoid shrinking or fading, use mild detergent, then let them air dry on a hanger or rack.

Treat stains immediately
If something spills on your garment, treating it immediately makes it easier to remove
before it sets in and becomes permanent!. Being aware of stain removal technique can help preserve your cloth.

Always Fold, Not Hang
To protect your clothes, always fold them up and not hang them.
This will help prevent the spread of moths, which can cause damage to your clothing.

Invest in quality storage
Good storage solutions like garment bag,
boxes, and wardrobe will help prevent your expensive clothes from dirt,
dust, and moisture, and insect infestation, store away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Air drying your clothes
you should air dry your expensive clothes instead of using of a dryer
because a dryer will damage their fibers and cause shrinkage. Instead,
hang them up somewhere where they can air dry naturally and avoid direct
sunlight as this can cause fading over time.

Keep away from moisture
Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of
expensive fabrics like wool or silk so make sure that you keep these pieces
away from liquids such as alcohol or perfume when not in use otherwise they
will start rotting quickly and lose their sheen over time

Don’t use fabric softeners
Fabric softeners are toxic and can make fabrics weaker over time, which can
lead to tears and other problems with your expensive clothes. Instead of using
fabric softeners, use natural detergents made from plants instead.
These will leave your clothes with a nice smell but won’t damage them like regular detergent does!

Use steamer:
The steam iron is a very helpful tool in maintaining your clothes, especially
if you are on the go and cannot spend time ironing.
It helps you to maintain the shape of your clothes without having
to go through the hassle of ironing.
You can use this tool on your most expensive dress or suit, as it will help you restore its original look.

Know the iron
To use an iron properly, you need to know how it works and what types of clothes it works best with.
There are different types of irons available in the market today;
some are designed for delicate fabrics while others are designed for normal fabrics and so on.
You should choose an iron that suits your needs when it comes to using it for different types of fabrics.


With these essential tips, your expensive clothes will look great for years to come.
it’s not just about keeping them in good condition; it’s also about taking care
of yourself and making sure that your inner self remains happy so that you can wear
those stylish clothes with ease.

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