How to keep jewelry safe at home

How to keep jewelry safe at home


Understanding various ways of keeping your precious jewelry safe is extremely essential .
Jewelry is kept safe to avoid theft, damage and to keep your jewelry looking new and in good condition.

How to keep jewelry safe at home

1. Keep jewelry in a storage box or lock box

Storing jewelry in a storage box is important as it facilitates easy access to your jewelry, keeps the jewelry well organized as well as keeps it safe and protected from damage
Different Jewelry boxes are available on the market well designed to suit your needs .
According to your preference, you may choose a big or small storage box.
Always keep your storage box clean by cleaning it every month . Using a jewelry box cleaning kit.

2. keeping jewelry in safe drawers

Well designed drawers with several compartments with multiple sizes, you can easily decide where to place your necklaces, bracelets, earrings in separate slots.
Always keep your jewelry in drawers when not wearing it.

3. Keep jewelry out of children’s reach

Your jewelry will be protected from accidental damage this way.

4. When performing tasks, remove jewelry

Household chores like cleaning and cooking. Cutting and preparing vegetables such as onions and spices can damage them in the long term since many foods contain sulfur compounds and have acidic attributes.

5. Keeping an inventory.

Inventory will help keep track of your jewelry collection, such as earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, etc .), the metal (gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc .), the gemstone (amethyst, diamond,
it a good way to ensure that you have the pieces you need, and that you are not missing any important pieces

6. Installation of surveillance system

Using a CCTV surveillance system at home to monitor important areas in your home. Surveillance systems can be used in conjunction with alarm systems to provide an additional layer of security. You can be sure that your jewelry will be safe at home with this type of security.

7. Get insurance for your jewelry

Getting jewelry insurance is a necessity, especially if your pieces have value. You may even want to consider a low-value policy. There are a number of benefits associated with jewelry insurance, including:

Damages, thefts, and repairs are protected.

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